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Monthly Webinars

Fee-only financial advisors have gained insights into the insurance industry (and CFP® CE credits) nearly every month since January 2012 through LLIS’s monthly webinars.


The Whys of Insurance

LLIS offers many insurance solutions to fee-only advisors and their clients. We understand that with many options come many questions. In this year’s webinar series, we’ll tackle the Whys of insurance.


Featured Webinar

November 10, 2020 –
4:00 pm ET

WHY is Long Term Care Insurance Essential?
Presented by: Jill MacNeil

There's no better time than Long Term Care Awareness month to learn how traditional LTCi and Hybrids can benefit your clients and their retirement plans, and which solutions work best for different client needs and goals.

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Upcoming Webinars

December 8, 2020 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

WHY Keep Your Insurance Policies Current?
Presented by: Mark Maurer, CFP®

Life is full of changes and, luckily, your clients’ life insurance and disability insurance policies can adjust to keep up with those changes. We’ll go through the process of maintaining each type of insurance, the life events that trigger a review, and important DOs and DON’Ts.

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I wasn't aware of critical care insurance -- good to know about.”

Love your webinars! This was a really helpful topic. (Term Layering)”