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Monthly Webinars

Fee-only financial advisors have gained insights into the insurance industry (and CFP® CE credits) nearly every month since January 2012 through LLIS’s monthly webinars.


A Lifetime of Insurance Planning with the Green Family

The following series will highlight three common client types that fee-only financial advisors encounter. We will examine their risk factors and provide ways to safeguard their families and assets, using personalized insurance solutions that can adapt to their changing needs throughout life.


Featured Webinar

April 23, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Shielding Your Legacy with Life Insurance
Presented by: Mark Maurer, CFP®

Term insurance is a simple and accessible tool to help anyone start their journey towards life insurance protection. It provides coverage for a specific period and can aid your beneficiaries in replacing the lost income. By layering term policies of different amounts, one can tailor life insurance according to their income replacement needs.

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Upcoming Webinars

May 14, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Disability Insurance

Protecting Your Income with Disability Insurance
Presented by: Brian Ciccarelli

Becoming disabled in one’s working years can put a huge strain on financial plans and goals. Securing a customized disability insurance policy as a young professional can provide an invaluable safety net of tax-free benefits in desperate times of need. This presentation will provide real-life scenarios that illustrate the accessibility and necessity of individual disability coverage.

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July 16, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Business Life & DI

Modern Strategies for Employee Retention and Incentives Through Business Life and Disability Protection
Presented by: Mark Maurer, CFP® and Kathy Bilodeau

Business owners have a lot on their mind, insurance should be the last they have to worry about when employees and own family members depend on them. Learn what life insurance and disability insurance plans business owners can benefit from in order to carry out their business succession plans and rewarding their employees.

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August 13, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Annuities

Exploring the Benefits of Annuities
Presented by: Jerry Skapyak

Learn how annuities can be a financial solution to your client's retirement planning. Individuals make either a lump-sum payment or a series of payments to an insurance company. In return, they receive periodic disbursements, offering a reliable income source over a predetermined period or for life.

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September 10, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Life insurance

Assessing Your Insurance Policies for Optimal Protection
Presented by: Mark Maurer, CFP®

Sometimes we hold on to policies longer than expected. Sometimes they fall onto our laps by a family member. Sometimes we run into issues we have no idea how to handle with a policy. This presentation will help you better retain your policies.

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October 8, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): Life insurance underwriting

Insight into Life Insurance Underwriting: Building a Strong Financial Foundation
Presented by: Meisha Brannan

For years underwriting has helped set a base for a person’s insurability with life insurance. In this presentation, we’ll look back at the beginning of the underwriting process, work our way into present day, and venture into future possibilities in underwriting.

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November 12, 2024 –
4:00 pm ET

Topic(s): LTCi & Hybrids

Preparing for the Future: Long Term Care Insurance and Hybrid Policy Strategies
Presented by: Taylor West

Over the years, traditional Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) has seen many variations while the need for LTC has stayed the same. Learn the options available to your clients and their caregivers.

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Thank you for providing these webinars! Great service as always from LLIS.”

This was one of the BEST webinars I have ever listened to. The charts were clear. The math was compelling. The illustrations were engaging. You helped me think outside the box, giving me several ideas I can use. Great job Mark!”