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Looking for an insurance expert to speak to your small to medium group of fee-only financial advisors -- virtually or at your location?

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Available Presentations for 2016:
PresentationPreviously Seen At:

Women's History Month: Recognizing Diversity in LTCi & Disability [LTCi, DI]

LLIS 2016 webinar
Women's History Month: Recognizing Diversity in LTCi & Disability [LTCi, DI]LLIS 2016 webinar
Disability Insurance Awareness Month: Time to Ensure Your Clients' Paychecks are Protected [DI]LLIS 2016 webinar
Juno, the Goddess of Marriage & Childbirth: Time For a Beneficiary Change? [Policy Reviews: Term, DI, LTCi, Annuities]LLIS 2016 webinar
Independence Day! Help Your Clients Celebrate Independence from Worry [Annuities, LTCI [Hybrid Life/LTCi, Hybrid Annuity/LTCi]LLIS 2016 webinar
A Season of Change: Protecting the Planning [Group Insurance: Life & DI]LLIS 2016 webinar
Life Insurance Awareness Month: When Clients Don't Want to Talk About Death [Life Insurance]LLIS 2016 webinar
Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month: Because Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise [LTCi]LLIS 2016 webinar
Tis the Season of Giving and Layering [Term, Pension Max, Charitable Giving]LLIS 2016 webinar
Wise Advice About Income Security & Wealth Preservation [Term, Perm, DI, Hybrids]ACP 2016 webinar
High touch. High Tech. Hit the high notes with your clients from 20s through retirement [Term to Perm, DI, Hybrids]NAPFA 2016 Spring conference
As times change… 1035 Exchange!NAPFA 2016 Fall conference
FAQs RE: LTCi & UW (Fundamental Advisor/Client Questions about long term care insurance and underwriting)Tampa NAPFA study group
Learn the Language of Insurance Speak [Insurance Acronyms]XYPN 2016 Conference
Getting Personal (Insurance) with Your Clients & It’s Just Business (Insurance protection for your clients)Mercer Advisors
Layering: The Sweet Spot of Insurance Protection [Term Insurance]XYPN webinar (March)
Wise Advice About Income Security and Wealth Preservation (from 20s Through Retirement)Genesis webinar (August)
Wise Advice About Income Security & Wealth Preservation (to take clients from 20s into retirement)Garrett 2016
DI Protection: Not just for the beach, but income too! [DI]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
Don’t Worry, Beach Happy with Term [Term]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
Navigating the Waters of Annual Statements & Illustrations and Other Benefits of Fixed Life Policies [Perm, Illustrations/statements]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
How to make the Underwriting Process a Walk on the Beach [UW]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
High Tide or Low Tide, LTCi is on Your Side [LTCi]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
Keep the Good Times Rolling into Retirement with Hybrids [Hybrids & Annutites]2017 LLIS Insurance Academy
The Shifting Sands of Policyholder Services2017 LLIS Insurance Academy