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Study Groups

Looking for an insurance expert to speak to your small to medium group of fee-only financial advisors -- virtually or at your location?

LLIS can help at no charge to you or your study group.
Available Presentations for 2016:
Presentation Previously Seen At:
Meet Your Clients (term life insurance, permanent life insurance, annuities, hybrid solutions, disability insurance, critical care insurance, long term care insurance) LLIS 2015 webinar
Leaving a Public & Private Legacy (estate planning, charitable giving) LLIS 2015 webinar
Speeding Up a Late-Bloomer: Protection for Your Clients' End Years with a Late Start (traditional LTCi and Hybrid Life/LTCi) LLIS 2015 webinar
You Can Keep Your Clients From Running Out of Money (Annuities and LTCi) LLIS 2015 webinar
Get It In Writing, Then Fund It! (Business Protection: Life and DI) LLIS 2015 webinar
Help With the Toughest Conversation: Planning for Children & Special Needs (Survivorship, GUL, GSUL, UL, NPP) LLIS 2015 webinar
Creative Ways to Kepp and Reqard Employees (Business Protection: Life and DI pt.2) LLIS 2015 webinar
The Teacher & The Family Business Successor: When one partner has all the benefits (DI, Group Term, LTCi, Conversions) LLIS 2015 webinar
Insurance Challenges of Unusual Occupations & Non-working Partners (Term & DI) LLIS 2015 webinar
How Insurance Minimizes a Family's Risks (Life, DI, Pension Max) LLIS 2015 webinar
Fear is a beast that feeds on attention: Allaying retirement fears with Annuities ACP 2015 webinar
In-the-Annapolis or Indianapolis? Insurance Directions & Misconceptions (Term, LTCi, 1035 Exchange, Technology) NAPFA 2015 Fall conference
Insured by Design (Term, LTCI [Hybrid Life/LTCi, Hybrid Annuity/LTCi] 1035 Exchange & No-Lapse UL, DI) NAPFA 2015 Spring conference
7 Wonders of Permanent Life Insurance Private study group (May)
FAQs RE: LTCi & UW (Fundamental Advisor/Client Questions about long term care insurance and underwriting) Tampa NAPFA study group
Top 15 in 50 (15 insurance facts your clients need you to know … in 50 minutes) XYPN 2015 Conference
Protecting Clients from 20s through Retirement XYPN webinar
Why 70 is the new 60 Private Study Group
Start strong. Finish stronger. Insurance for clients from 20 to 80 Private Study Group
The Why of DI: Disability Insurance Genesis webinar (November)
Layering for efficiency: from clothes to insurance Genesis webinar (August)
The Insurance Baker’s Dozen FAQs: (Fundamental Advisor/Client Questions) Garrett 2015
The 411 on Annuity Acronyms (GLWB GMIB SPIA DIA QLAC) PICPA
Do Wah Diddy Diddy: When wedding bells chime, it's insurance time (Term & Perm Life insurance) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy
I Can't Dance: What happens if your clients can't walk? (DI) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy
These Boots Were Made for Walkin': By a small business the specializes in footwear (Business insurance) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy
The Long and Winding Road: Take care toward the road's end (LTCi) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy
Against the Wind: What to leave in, what to leave out (annuities) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy
A New Way to Walk: Wake Up Those Sluggish Assets (Hybrid Life/LTCi & Hybrid Annuity/LTCi) 2016 LLIS Insurance Academy