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Looking for an insurance expert to speak to your small to medium group of fee-only financial advisors -- virtually or at your location?

LLIS can help at no charge to you or your study group.
Available Presentations for 2020:
Presentation Previously Seen At:
Client Stories and Case Studies: How to Maintain an Inforce Policy [Life Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Unlocking The Secrets Of Underwriting [Underwriting]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Protecting Your Clients' Income With Disability Insurance [Disability Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Protecting Your Clients’ Retirement With Annuities [Annuities]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Disability Insurance: Advanced Planning for Business Owners [Disability Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Double Duty Dollars With Hybrid Insurance [Hybrid Life/LTCi & Hybrid Annuity/LTCi]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Life Insurance Awareness Month: Which Choice Is Best? [Life Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Insurance Riders To Consider [Multiple types of insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

LTCi Awareness Month: Different LTC Concerns [Long Term Care Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Insurance Planning For The New Year [Life Insurance]

LLIS 2019 webinar

Live & Learn: Essential Insurance Planning Through Musicians [Underwriting, Hybrids, Annuities, Term Life Insurance]

NAPFA 2019 Spring conference

Ferris Bueller Grows Up: Understanding the Benefits of Insurance Solutions [Term Life insurance, DI, Hybrids, Underwriting]

NAPFA 2019 Fall conference

Long Term Care Planning for Your Clients [Long Term Care Insurance]

ACP Conference 2019

Why & When Your Clients Need Long Term Care Insurance

Garrett Retreat 2019

Creating Financial Security with Disability Insurance [DI]

Garrett webinar

Annuities: What to leave in, what to leave out [Annuities]

NAPFA Genesis webinar