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Policyholder Service

With LLIS, you're not alone after your policy is in force.

We are here to assist you as a liaison with your insurance company once your policy is in force. After all, change happens. And we can help - just give us a call at 877-254-4429 or click here to email our Policyholder Service Team.

Owner Change

Need to change the owner on your policy? We'll help you complete the company-specific forms to update the ownership.

Beneficiary Change

Need to change the beneficiary on your policy? We can help with that too.

Premium Payment Change

Want to stop writing checks for your policy? We'll help set your policy up on bank-draft so you'll never miss a payment.

Contact Information Change

Moving? Let us know what information you need to change. We'll update our files and update your insurance company.

Existing Policy Information

Get your insurance elsewhere? If you obtained your insurance through LLIS, we'll have the information you need. We may be able to assist with other policies you might have via a release of policy information to LLIS, including copies of past and future annual statements, in force illustrations, and cash values. Email here for assistance with non-LLIS policies.