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Advisor Tools

You can't build a house without the right tools.

And you can't build a solid financial plan for your clients without including insurance solutions and tools of the trade.

These tools will help you to learn more about the insurance world and how LLIS helps you and your clients navigate through it.

Be sure to tell your clients about the Client Tools page of our website! It contains some of the same e-brochures you see here and some helpful tools that are client-specific.

Annuities: Deferred

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Annuities: Immediate

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APE (Advance Premium Email)

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Hybrid Annuity/LTCi

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Hybrid Life/LTCi

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Hybrid Solution Comparisons

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Infinite Banking Concept

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Life Expectancy Calculator

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Life Settlements

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Long Term Care By the Numbers

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Long Term Care Insurance

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Non-Traditional Families

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Pension Maximization

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Policy Reviews

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Term Life Insurance

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The Team Behind Your Team

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Universal Life Insurance

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