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Client Services

Once you choose to work with LLIS, here is what your journey will look like:

request quote

phone interview



in-force policy

policyholder services

1. Request a quote

Easy. Fast. Comprehensive. Most quotes are returned within 48 hours, however DI and LTCi can take longer. What underwriting class will you get? Learn More >>

2. Phone Interview

You’ll get a personal case manager who will explain the process and ask you the questions required to complete your application.

3. Application

Many insurance companies we work with use secure electronic applications. Otherwise, we’ll send your application to you via two-day mail. With clear instructions about what to complete and sign. Depending on the type of insurance you're applying for, a paramedical exam may be required. Find out more about paramedical exams here >>

4. Underwriting

The insurance company underwriters will review your application and medical records, when applicable (and financial records for disability insurance applications).

5. In-force policy

We'll notify you that your policy is in place and that it’s alright to cancel any policy(ies) you may be replacing. Then we’ll send your new policy to you.

6. Policyholder Services (for the life of your policy)

Changes: Need to change a beneficiary? Address? Want an in-force illustration? A different type of payment schedule? We’ll take care of that for you and save you from the voicemail abyss that you find often when dealing with service companies.

Circlebacks: If you’ll be eligible for better rates (say, after you’ve stopped smoking) or increased coverage (it’s time to exercise the "Future Increase Option" on your disability insurance policy), we’ll follow up with you to be sure you don’t miss that opportunity.

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