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Why Us

Why did your fee-only financial advisor connect you to LLIS?

  1. Our business is built on relationships, not sales. To us, bigger premiums don’t mean bigger paychecks. Just like your advisor, our team of 20+ are salaried. We work just as hard on a $100,000 policy as a $1 million policy.
  2. Our quote requests are comprehensive, enabling us to provide the most accurate quote. Because nobody likes surprises, especially ones with dollar signs in front of them.
  3. You get one-stop shopping. If you need more than one type of insurance solution to protect your assets, business, family, future, and legacy, you can turn to just one source, saving you time, energy, and dollars.
  4. We work only with insurance companies with the highest ratings whose service meets our strict standards.
  5. Our subject experts and personal case managers spend one-on-one time with you to customize solutions that meet your individual needs and budget, and to ensure you understand what you’re buying.
  6. You’ll get service after the sale, for the life of your policy.
llis team
llis team
llis team