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Insurance Glossary

Industry jargon and unfamiliar terminology can be confusing.

No insurance resource would be complete without a helpful menu of terms and concepts. This information-rich list will help you make sense of the solutions you are considering.

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The termination of an insurance policy due to non-payment of premium amount by due date.

Life Insurance

​Life insurance offers protection from financial loss resulting from death, and can be used to protect both personal and business interests. It is a contract between a policy owner and an insurance company in which the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money to a beneficiary(ies) at the insured's death, and the policy owner agrees to pay premiums at regular intervals or in a lump sum.

Life Insurance Gifting

​Life insurance policies are often used as gifting strategies for individuals. There are generally three types: gift of policy, gift of premiums, gift of insurance proceeds.

Living Trust

​A trust created with property transferred during lifetime. With a living trust: the grantor can terminate the trust at will and regain ownership of the property, or he/she can give up ownership and control permanently. There are two types of living trusts: Revocable and Irrevocable.


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