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Judith Maurer

Judith Maurer


Words to Live By: People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.”- Pearl Bailey

While working with husband Keith's Fee For Service, Inc. in the '90s, Judith recognized an unmet need: insurance planning services for fee-only financial advisors and their clients. A trusted insurance resource that shared their values: to provide independent, objective advice with only the clients' best interests in mind, not commissions.

Other important acknowledgements Judith has made since starting LLIS in 1998:

  • The importance of teaching. "People make better decisions when they have knowledge. We teach each other. We teach advisors. We teach clients about one topic: insurance. And as we learn more every day, we work purposefully to transfer that knowledge to our LLIS team members, our advisors, and our clients."
  • Family is key. Marrying Keith in 1969... hiring son Mark in 2003 and capitalizing on his entrepreneurial mindset... following son Paul, a sound designer in Berlin, Germany... and prioritizing the things she enjoys most (time with her grandchildren, international travel, and singing in the church choir from Tampa to Rome, Scotland, England, and Austria) are four of her best life decisions.
  • The joy you receive when you give back. "I served our alma mater, Nebraska Wesleyan University on the board of governors for nine years, three years as its chair. During my tenure, I enjoyed engaging with our amazing students, gifted and creative faculty members, and dedicated administrators."

"The best business decision I ever made was hiring a fee-only advisor to help us with our business succession planning. The hard work we did has paid off with a successful transition from one generation to the next."

In the Words of an Advisor: “I just love working with your team members. They are awesome! And thank you for having a real person answer the phone.”

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