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  • Registration for LLIS Insurance Academy will be open next week! Join us in February 2017:
    • where financial plans meet sparkling sands (at Sheraton Sand Key)
    • to get the keys to insurance planning for your clients
    • for some sun ‘n fun
  • Danica Patrick is spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month:
    • “Driving race cars is risky. Not having life insurance to take care of your family is riskier. Protect your family with life insurance. It’s the right thing to do.”
  • A conversation starter:
    • Advisor to married client: "OK, let’s talk now about your legacy planning. I just learned recently that a lot of people have no idea if their spouse has life insurance coverage. So let’s start there …”
    • Millennials are more likely to want their spouse/partner to purchase life insurance. Overall, 35% of people wish their spouse/partner would purchase coverage, while an additional 12% aren’t sure how much life insurance protection their spouse or partner has.1
  • The majority say a major reason they have life insurance is to cover their funeral and final expenses.1
  • More people should consider income replacement a top reason to own life insurance. Half of U.S. households would feel the financial impact from the loss of their primary wage earner in just 6 months, and more than a third would feel the impact in a month or less. Put another way, people in 1 in 3 homes would have immediate trouble paying living expenses if they were to lose their primary wage earner. Milliennials are most at risk.1
  • You can see/hear/learn from us:
    • September 18-21 (XYPN Conference in San Diego). We’re proud to once again be XYPN’s national sponsor, conference sponsor, and new this year: CE track sponsor!
    • October 12-15 (NAPFA Conference in Arlington). As Genesis’s national sponsor, we’re once again hosting the Genesis social Thursday night!
    • November 2-5 (ACP Conference in Seattle)
    • November 8 (LLIS webinar) Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month: Because Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise
    • November 14 (Garrett Planning Network member webinar)
    • December 3 (LLIS webinar) ‘Tis the Season of Giving and Layering
    • December 5 (Garrett Planning Network member webinar)


Term Life Insurance | Low-Load Universal Life (Individual & Survivorship) | No Lapse Guaranteed Univeral Life (Individual & Survivorship) | Long Term Care Insurance | Disability Insurance | Critical Care Insurance | Low-Load Variable Annuity | Immediate and Fixed Annuities | Low-Load Variable Universal Life | Hybrid Life/LTCi | Hybrid Annuity/LTCi

(We recommend low-load permanent life insurance and annuities when possible)

(Not all policy types available in all states)

For a list of current providers, visit the Advisor Tools section of our website and click on "Insurance Companies We Work With".

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