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September 9th has been a big day in U.S. history:

Yes, it’s true. Judith Maurer first opened the doors of LLIS on September 9, 1998 after working with Keith Maurer at Fee For Service, another company that served FOFAs and was subsequently sold to GE. And what an incredible 20 years it’s been!

Much of our growth is due to you, our FOFA friends. And many of our processes and systems are in place thanks to you:

NOTE: Notice of Term Expiration. An advisor suggested we notify clients and advisors when their term policies are about to expire. Yes, they get notification from their insurance company, but our NOTE is a reminder and a backup notification in case they don’t receive that official notice.
APE: Advance Premium Notice. Another advisor suggestion. "My busy clients should never miss a premium payment. But they’re busy and a reminder from you would be great." This is another instance where, yes, they do get notification from their insurance company. But APE is a backup notification in case they have moved and the insurance company doesn’t have their forwarding address or other scenarios.
ALLiS: Advisors told us they wanted more access to their clients’ application and policy information and wanted it 24/7. So we hired a CIO; invested time and resources to the creation of this one-of-a-kind client and advisor management system; and continue to take your suggestions about how to make it even better for you and them.
LLIS Insurance Academy: About 10 years ago, we had several advisors indicate that they’d like to learn more about insurance. They don’t want or need to be experts, but wanted to know more to have educated conversations with clients when the insurance topic comes up in their comprehensive planning. And LLIS Insurance Academy was born, offering not only insurance education, but peer networking and CEs too!

We’re proud to celebrate our platinum anniversary (the modern 20th anniversary gift). If you’ve seen us at any of the industry conferences this year, you’ve seen our platinum-colored webcam covers which serve as a reminder that since day 1, one of our top priorities has been security for our advisors and their clients. Please stop by our booth and get yours at XYPN Live Conference in September, NAPFA Fall Conference in October, and ACP Annual Conference in November.

And speaking of platinum, do you know which music artist holds the record for the most platinum albums? Elvis Presley, of course, with 67 platinum albums and 27 multi-platinum (according to RIAA).

And since it’s life insurance awareness month, we’d be remiss not to point out that Elvis did not have a life insurance policy. He applied for a $1 million policy in 1976, but ended up not taking it (according to the Elvis Information Network). But we think his loved ones were well taken care of.


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(We recommend low-load permanent life insurance and annuities when possible)

(Not all policy types available in all states)

For a list of current providers, visit the Advisor Tools section of our website and click on "Insurance Companies We Work With".

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