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Policy Matters

Fourth Quarter 2020


If your clients have liquid assets of $500,000 or less, they may not be good candidates for a long term care insurance (LTCi) policy, since the premiums may drain their retirement savings. Conversely, if their liquid assets are upward of $5 million, they can probably self-insure. If you have clients who fall in between, read on to find out what they may lose by not having either a traditional LTCi policy or a hybrid LTCi policy:

4. Ability to receive care where they want it.

  • LTCi policies allow them to stay at home or in a setting of their choice, as opposed to ending up in a facility that doesn’t live up to expectations because it’s all they can afford or the government will pay for.

3. Their independence and dignity.

  • Not many people want their partner or children to be the ones to help them with the ADLs (activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, continence).
  • Most older people associate independence with being able to stay in their own homes.

2. Their loved ones’ peace of mind.

  • Having an LTCi or hybrid policy in place helps relieve financial and caregiving pressure on their family.

And, the #1 thing your clients may lose by not having either a traditional LTCi policy or a hybrid LTCi policy:

  • Their retirement assets or income. Remember those figures in the first paragraph? Here’s why those are important. Below you’ll see national average cost of care and cost of care in several states.

You can access the cost of care in your area here, and plug in those numbers on your clients’ financial planning calculations. And rely on LLIS as the expert. There are many solutions available, and we can guide them to what makes sense, given their individual circumstances and the pros and cons of each company and solution. Plus, we’ll pre-underwrite to determine which companies may consider them favorably, saving them time, frustration, and money.


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(We recommend low-load permanent life insurance and annuities when possible)

(Not all policy types available in all states)

For a list of current providers, visit the Advisor Tools section of our website and click on "Insurance Companies We Work With".

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