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Policy Matters

Fourth Quarter 2021


  • Washington processing updates from insurance companies we work with:
    • Mutual of Omaha will resume accepting individual LTCi applications effective December 1, 2021. The company expects to provide an update on resuming LTC Rider sales in first quarter 2022. The MutualCare® Solutions Portfolio will resume sales without any minimum requirements.
    • OneAmerica (State Life) is working toward resuming sales of its Asset Care and Annuity Care products in WA as soon as is practical.
  • Three things many people don’t know about long term care insurance:
    1. Home care benefits over nursing homes. LTCi can cover nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care, but most people want to stay at home. That’s where private LTCi policies are especially beneficial. In most cases, the insurer will pay benefits directly to the home health care agency, which your clients can choose. Think of it as care that is managed to help families, not managed care.
    2. Inflation-proof plans offer benefits that increase automatically. Inflation is a major concern, and LTCi plans are often the solution. Plans with inflation riders allow benefits to keep up with the ever-increasing costs of care, typically between 3-5% compounded annually. And benefits are typically received tax-free.
    3. Flexible premium payment options. There’s an LTCi policy to fit just about any budget. Your clients with investable assets can use a portion of those assets for a single premium plan. Other clients can purchase a premium that lasts for 10 years or until age 65. And there are ongoing lifetime premium options that can be paid monthly.
  • Chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure make you more likely to need Long Term Care
  • Medicare doesn’t pay for unskilled help with activities of daily living, which are most Long Term Care services
  • Women need LTC longer than men (3.7 years compared to 2.2 years)
    • You may see a new but familiar name on DI quotes sent to you and your clients. Previously LLIS’s office manager, Taylor West has been working a dual role with our PHS and AST teams. Taylor joined LLIS in September 2015 and has grown alongside LLIS, helping advisors and their clients.
    • In September 2021, we welcomed Miranda to our expanding PHS team, the group of talented professionals there every step of the way once your client’s policy is in force, from owner or beneficiary changes to premium reminders.
    • Our office will be closed on December 17, 2021, for our Community Service Action Day. teamLLIS will be volunteering their time at Metropolitan Ministries, providing holiday meals and gifts for their client families. We are truly thankful for this opportunity to serve and celebrate together!
    • After months of virtual conferences, teamLLIS closed the 2021 conference season with:
      • Jill at the NAPFA Fall Conference in Boston, MA
      • Jerry at the ACP Conference in Atlanta, GA
      • Jerry & Jill at the XYPNLive Conference in Denver, CO.
      • We can’t wait to see you all for the 2022 conference season.
    • LLIS Insurance Academy is back live and we can't wait to see you in person! Join us on the beach for two days of insurance education you won't get anywhere else. Find information and register here.


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