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Policy Matters

Second Quarter 2021


  • LLIS has been the sponsor of NAPFA’s subsection of membership called Genesis since 2013. It’s the group of NAPFA members 33 years old and younger. Part of that sponsorship involves a social event at each NAPFA conference. At the spring conference (virtual), we hosted a “Bob Ross” Cinco de Mayo GOAT painting event since Genesis members are the GOAT financial planners, of course. Participants got a package of swag with all the needed painting supplies and a $25 Total Wine gift card. It was a blast! Congratulations to the following Genesis members:
    • Adam Bergeron (Cornerstone Planning) for being chosen by “Bob” as greatest painting (Two-night stay at Sheraton Sand Key during the 2022 LLIS Insurance Academy)
    • John Darby for being chosen least greatest painting ($25 Amazon gift card)
    • And for GOAT participation: Jordan Slingo (Elwood & Goetz): Bob Ross socks, Karly Holland (Divergent Planning): Bob Ross face mask, Elijah Essa (Coats Financial Planning): Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents game, Ben Jacobs (Elwood & Goetz): Bob Ross Make Your Own Gummy Kit Adam John
  • LLIS Insurance Academy is returning to in-person next year on Clearwater Beach, Florida! Watch for details soon at Save the date: February 23-25
  • You don’t have to wait until February 2022 to gain insurance knowledge. Our webinar series continues with the following remaining:
    • July 13: Your Ultimate Guide to Annuities
    • August 10: Recognizing Insurance Riders in Life and DI
    • September 14: What’s New In Life Insurance Underwriting?
    • October 12: Advisors’ FAQ About Insurance Answered by LLIS Experts
    • November 9: Comparing Your Long Term Care insurance Options
    • December 14: Insuring Who You Love with Joint Coverage


Term Life Insurance | Low-Load Universal Life (Individual & Survivorship) | No Lapse Guaranteed Univeral Life (Individual & Survivorship) | Long Term Care Insurance | Disability Insurance | Critical Care Insurance | Low-Load Variable Annuity | Immediate and Fixed Annuities | Low-Load Variable Universal Life | Hybrid Life/LTCi | Hybrid Annuity/LTCi

(We recommend low-load permanent life insurance and annuities when possible)

(Not all policy types available in all states)

For a list of current providers, visit the Advisor Tools section of our website and click on "Insurance Companies We Work With".

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