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  • Have you had clients ask about "facilities-only LTCi policies"? LLIS does not recommend these types of policies, primarily because most people prefer to spend as much time in their own home as possible. With those policies, that is not an option.
  • Having an accident or chronic illness that causes a disability is another reason for needing long term care1
  • Between ages 40 and 50, on average, 8% of people have a disability that could require long term care services1
  • The 5 I’s of LTCi:
    • Intellectual impairment
    • Immobility
    • Instability
    • Incontinence
    • Iatrogenic drug reactions
  • Here is an LTCi-planning checklist to use with your clients:
  • It's important that your clients don't wait:
    Consider the case of Craig and Allison. In 2012 (before they had consulted a financial advisor), they considered getting LTCi policies. But they didn't. In May 2016, Craig and his advisor wanted quotes for him to get a policy. When Natalie (their LLIS case manager) did the application interview with Craig, he told her that he’s married, but his wife is not applying. Turns out she was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD). So she is now uninsurable for LTCi. If they had followed through when they originally thought about getting coverage, they both would have been insured and could have taken advantage of discounts. Now, the one who will almost definitely need special and expensive care does not have coverage. Nearly 25% of Americans over 65 with PD reside in expensive nursing homes (median monthly cost for semi-private room: $7,148; median cost for private room: $8,121. Please encourage your clients to get covered. Learn how to talk to your clients about LTCi.
  • On October 12th, we welcomed a new member to teamLLIS. Please welcome Teadora, Claudia Molina’s new baby girl. Claudia will be back to her marketing and policyholder service role in December.
  • 1Administration on Aging


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(We recommend low-load permanent life insurance and annuities when possible)

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